Our Brand is high touch. Our commitment to you is for personalized, individual attention to employees in transition

In a the current economic environment, boutique outplacement firms fill a high touch and high integrity niche when transition events number fewer than 100 employees. Small outplacement firms are able to supply one-on-one, personal attention to each employee in transition  ensuring strategic career goals are addressed and that the "mechanics" of the resumes and social media profiles are tactically correct and productive. In an era where job hunting has moved toward online resources and methodologies, developing an effective social media "career brand" has become essential.

Career Advancement Services provides brief, intensive one-on-one support with genuine career assessment, creation of a career strategy and then job strategy, followed by resume experts and social media branding specialists. When possible we do direct referral to employers, and empower the person in transition to research additional employers including the names of hiring authorities.

Career Advancement Services has been providing cost effective services to employers since 1991. The firm moved from coast-to-coast contingent and retained recruiting in manufacturing, advanced technologies, and healthcare to fully focusing on outplacement in 2003. 

Our partial client list includes; American United Bank, ITW Tool Works, SKF Corporation, Eisenmann Corporation, RDI Group, NES Financial, Clinical Computer Systems, Air Road, Illinois Housing Development Authority, Don Johnston Corporation, NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group), and Delta Medical.

Phone Consultation by a Certified Personnel Consultant and Global Career Development Facilitator 

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