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Myers Briggs is for Real and Works

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I once worked with a young college grad who had obeyed his father and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. However, his first move after graduation involved showing up in our outplacement office and informing me that he didn’t want to be an accountant.

He seemed to be a well-adjusted, very outgoing person and quite bright. I suggested he take the MBTI personality assessment to get some coordinates for a career session. His personality assessment results matched up to his public persona. When we sat down to go over the results, I asked him if he had ever considered sales as an occupation.

His response was, “I’m supposed to be an accountant.” I suggested looking for jobs selling accounting services for major firms. That clicked with him, and that’s what he did, coming down with a job after a brief campaign.

Everyone has met friendly, outgoing accountants who are real “people persons.” But the happy ones are probably engaged in client facing roles. Myers Briggs is for real, but we have to know how to use it. Greg Norton, Outplacement Consultant at Career Advancement Services. Always interested in linking with others.

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