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I recently contacted the Human Resources Manager of a mid-sized company to offer our assistance with our outplacement services. Two different trade magazines had carried stories that the firm would soon be experiencing a reduction in force (RIF).

To my surprise she indicated that she was unaware of anything afoot in her company. She asked where I had gotten the information, and I directed her to my two public sources.

I could imagine the destructive undercurrents going on at that firm because if I had access to that information, then surely employees who read those same trade magazines had accessed it as well. The company probably had star employees who were not going to be part of the RIF, but who were now contacting recruiters. Less valued employees were probably spinning tales of ruin with no basis in fact.

Most of this can usually be avoided by early messages to employees about concerns senior management have about certain aspects of the business. I understand when large, publicly-held companies work hard to cap some information, but a trickle of real information in real time might be better in the long run for both human resources and the employees. Greg Norton Outplacement Consultant at Career Advancement Services. Always eager to link to others.

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