We Provide Corporate Outplacement Services
  • Individuals who leave your company usually wind up in the same industry, maybe in a decision making role with a potential or existing customer.


  • They may wind up working for a direct competitor.


  • They may end up in a regulatory role or other role that could impact your company.

  • It's a sound business decision to exit employees, if possible, in a good frame of mind.


  • We can work coast to coast providing close phone and e-mail support for employees you want to assist by including outplacement in their severance package.

Corporate Outplacement Services Package

Typical Outplacement Package

  • Career Counseling


  • Researching Potential Employers


  • Resume and Cover Letter Preparation

  • Planning a job campaign


  • Developing a social media brand


  • Access to the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment


       (30 day of support)

Expertise Areas
  • Higher Education

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Marketing and Comunications

  • Financial Services

  • Engineering

  • Health Care

  • Software and Data  Analytics

  • Supply Chain

  • Advanced Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail